#2022picoftheweek – My View

Against a pitch-black background, many parallel branches of a tree limb extend from the upper-right corner to the lower-left corner of the picture. Most of the branches (especially near the top of the tree limb) are covered in orange-brown leaves, and although it is dark, a streetlamp (not shown) casts an amber glow across the entire tree limb and its leaves.

Prompt: My View

It's a little fuzzy, I know (smartphone cameras at night are...not the best), but I took this photo on a whim while I was out on a walk! It was dark outside, and one of the streetlamps was casting an amber glow onto the tree branches, which was really quite lovely—so here it is! The photo maybe looks a little more ominous than I intended, but perhaps that just gives it a character all its own.

Camera: iPhone SE (second generation)

Editing software: Snapseed

Challenge progress:


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